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Testimonials from some of my past pupils

Javon & Eleanor Adamson
2 first time passes
Paul was recommended to me by a friend and has taught both my son and daughter once they turned 17. Paul's excellence as a driving instructor was has been proven as both my children passed their driving test first time. My son has now been driving for a year and is a confident, patient and very speed aware driver - skills and attributes that have been embedded by Paul. I would highly recommend Paul to anyone looking for an instructor. Thank you again Paul! Liz Adamson

Richard Wilson
Paul was a fantastic instructor. From beginning to the end. I had absolutely no driving experience whatsoever and to say I passed my test first time is concrete evidence of how good his knowledge and his ability to teach really is. There were many a time I wanted to give up but Paul enabled to gradually learn and get over my original fears of driving. Not only can he teach but he knows how to relax you when he knows your panicking or worried about a situation. Couldn't recommend Paul enough!!!

Maria Fomenko
Paul is not just a great driving instructor who is highly professional, experienced and dedicated to his work, but he is also an excellent Teacher. His teaching techniques are very impressive. When I had classes with Paul he gradually and steadily built my knowledge, driving skills and confidence about driving a car. His classes were never boring and despite the fact that each class lasted two hours he managed to keep my full attention for the whole duration of it. He always emphasized the importance of anticipation and analytical thinking on the road.

Thanks to Paul I passed my driving test in the winter in the frosty and snowy weather conditions from the first attempt.

Learning how to drive does not have to be scary, tedious or extremely difficult. Every class with Paul is very informative, interesting and simply invaluable because above all Paul teaches how to be a competent and considerate driver and how to stay safe on the road.

Paul was a fantastic instructor, who gave me the confidence and skills to pass my test first time. He was incredibly patient and understanding throughout the lessons and not only gave me the skills for passing the test but also to be a good driver. Couldn't reccommend Paul enough and I am so happy I gave him a call. Thanks for everything.

Ben Gibson
Paul was recommended to me by a friend and I'm very glad he did. Paul is a very knowledgeable and patient driving instructor. As someone who started driving lessons at the age of 27 the concept of driving didn't come naturally to me, but with Paul's patience and understanding he made it more comfortable for me and gave me a better understanding on how to drive at a very high standard. With Paul it wasn't just a teacher/pupil relationship it was more of a friendship, If ever i had a problem with a certain aspect of driving Paul would always be around to help me understand the issue. I would highly recommend Paul to anyone who is looking to drive. Many Thanks Paul

Thank you so much for your endless patience and never giving up on me... I still can't believe I passed :)

Would recommend Paul to anyone, even the most nervous inexperienced person. With his amazing patience and great teaching skills you will be able to achieve your driving goal like I did ;-) Thank You!!

What can I say? Paul Quinn was a fantastic driving instructor! He made me feel extremely calm and relaxed even in the busiest conditions. Paul's reassurance does wonders for your confidence and really makes you feel like a better driver. Unlike some of my friends, I did not dread driving lessons; I found them enjoyable and really looked forward to them - I would put this down to Paul's great method of teaching. Even on the day of the test Paul still managed to make me feel at ease (if that's possible?!) and I would recommend him to anyone.

Thanks again Paul!

Claire Bell
I needed to pass my driving test quickly and efficiently, so chose LDC and Paul as he lived in my area. I did my course in a week and although the course was intensive, Paul knew exactly what i had to learn and when by. He made sure i was more than ready for my driving test by having high standards himself which i appreciated. He also liked to listen to what i feel would help me to pass. I passed my test first time thanks to Paul who i would recommend to anyone.

Terri is a young and confident driver now, I am sure that you were a major contributor to this. She has been driving in some difficult weather conditions over the last 6 months that challenged even the most experienced of drivers. I would recommend you as an instructor to any parent that might inquire.

Chelsea Berg
I started driving lessons with Paul in May 2010 and passed with 2 faults/minors August 2010, I had had previous lessons only a few but nothing up to the same standard that Paul provides. I felt completely comfortable in the driving seat because I was equipped with everything I needed to know about the road and with Paul's guidance I became a confident safe driver.

I would recommend Paul Quinn to anybody looking to pass there practical test and have the skills to be a safe competent driver in the future.

Thank you so much

Cliff Smith
Thanks very much for getting Dan upto the required standard for his test, we are all really happy with Dan's success on passing the test first time. You've done a great job!

Mark Bailey
Thanks again for everything you were great. Made the whole experience that much more bareable.

Vicky Farell
THANKYOU THANKYOU THANKYOU!! You've been a great instructor. Sorry about the tears!! lol

Hi Paul, thanks again for your help and I will try my best to stay safe!